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Pitchers and Catchers (And Some Guys Who Play Other Positions)!

February 14, 2011

No pressure, but could we have another one of these?

This is the only day when a bunch of dudes stretching and unpacking suitcases in Arizona will be a big deal. Really it’s just nice for the Grand Canyon State to make headlines about something other than racist immigration laws and Congressional shootings.

On a less depressing note, Giants beat writer Henry Schulman reports that Brandon Belt is in camp early and “eager to get going and prove he belongs in the majors.” Hitting the crap out of the ball should help. As would, probably, Pat Burrell getting hurt (not that Brandon, or anyone else, should hope for that; it’s just likely what it’ll take for Sabean/Bochy to begin the year with an unproven rookie in the starting lineup).

Also among Schulman’s notes: the Elmer Dessens deal, reported here last week so I could make a cheap glue joke, has fallen through for undisclosed reasons; Tim Lincecum shaved off theĀ wisp of caterpillar fuzz he was calling a mustache/soul patch; and Bruce Bochy thinks the Phillies have “the best rotation in baseball.” Man, the Giants really can’t get any respect.

But mostly: pitchers and catchers! Spring Training is here! Baseball is back! Well, not baseball exactly, but at least men in baseball uniforms doing baseball-related activities on or near a baseball diamond.

Is it March yet?

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