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2011 Roster Preview Part Five: The Right Side Of the Infield

February 17, 2011

Image: AP

This time last year, the right side of the Giants’ infield featured: a 32-year-old second baseman coming off two surgeries and a 33-year-old first baseman coming off the worst season of his career. Oh, and Travis Ishikawa.

So, naturally, they won the World Series.

That was 2010. Sweet, magical, caramel-coated 2010. Now, Aubrey Huff is a well-paid cornerstone of the offense and Freddy Sanchez is the guy who played great defense and got key hits down the stretch, helping the Giants become the champions of Major League Baseball and the world, via a win in the World Series. Champions.

Yes, Sanchez had another surgery. And Huff, though he sure looked resurgent, could regress to version 2009, a player who appeared to be barreling down the wrong side of the hill on a flaming tricycle. But those are bad thoughts. We don’t think bad thoughts.

We think about 4-for-5s against Cliff Lee and towering two-run homers off pudgy Texas righties. We think about rally thongs. We think about trophies. We think about sunshine.

We think about the improbable becoming reality — and we hope, hope, hope it all happens again.

Think about this.

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