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More Rowand/Bochy Madness

February 21, 2011

See, he can crash into walls, too.

OK, I promise the next post will be about something else. Probably.

For now, here’s more insanity, this time via Andrew Baggarly. (It’s past the part about Charlie Sheen inviting Brian Wilson, Todd Zeile, Lenny Dykstra and Eddie Murray to his house to watch Major League, which kind of sounds like a dream I’d have if I ate six HotPocket-brand mini-cheeseburgers and some peyote before bed, only weirder):

Bochy wouldn’t anoint Andres Torres as his starting center fielder, but the manager made it clear he didn’t consider the dynamic leadoff hitter’s breakout season a fluke. “Andres is someone we need in the lineup,” Bochy said. If nobody impresses in the left field competition, it’s possible that Torres could shift over and Aaron Rowand could start in center.

Yes, please, by all means, let’s shift our leadoff hitter and arguably our non-pitching MVP from last season to a different position so we can work a guy with a -1.6 VORP into the lineup. (Torres’s VORP, by comparison, was 32.7. Even if you don’t know what VORP is, you get the picture.)

While we’re at it, why don’t we make Buster Posey do Rowand’s laundry and have Matt Cain and Aubrey Huff give him post-workout massages. Maybe Lincecum can detail his car.

I know — there’s a lot of money invested in this guy. A lot of money. And from a PR standpoint, the Giants would like nothing more than to see some return on their investment. But at a certain point — like, perhaps, the point where you just won a World Series — it’s time to stop worrying about saving face and start worrying about putting the best players on the field, contracts and service time be damned. Yeah, OK, the Giants did that last year (by benching Rowand, among other moves) and there’s no reason to assume they won’t again.

So maybe this is more about rewarding Torres — who produced a lot for relatively little — by letting him know center field is his position to lose, rather than a spot he’s keeping warm in case Rowand pulls his head out of his squatty-stanced ass. Maybe it’s about finally, finally admitting Rowand is a fourth or fifth outfielder getting paid like a superstar — period, end of story.

Of course, it’s not the end of the story. I have a feeling I’ll be writing a lot more rants like this before the first pitch is thrown — and after. Just as soon as I get that umbrage muscle iced.

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