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Interesting, Uninteresting

March 28, 2011

Every piece of metal in this bridge is more riveting than the rivalry between the baseball teams it connects.

I am wholly uninterested in an exhibition series against our Bay Area “rivals.” (I put that in quotes because I can’t get worked up over a handful of interleague games and a 21-year-old World Series, but I still hate people who wear those Giants/A’s hats — pick a side bridge-straddlers!) At least the Giants won tonight, which is cool in the same sense that freshly cleaned shower grout is cool.

Like the third-to-last Spring Training game, if it was in your bathroom.

On the other hand, I am wholly interested in tonight’s lineup:

1. Torres cf
2. Sanchez 2b
3. Huff rf
4. Posey c
5. Burrell lf
6. Tejada ss
7. Belt 1b
8. Sandoval 3b
9. Cain p

Flip-flop Sandoval and Tejada and write “Lincecum” instead of “Cain” and I’d be pleased as a fat kid eating food (come on, it’s late) to see that group against the Dodgers. The safe money’s still on Belt punching a ticket to Fresno, Huff going back to first base and someone else — quite possibly someone squatty — starting in place of Ross. But at the very least Bochy and Sabean are giving Belt a long, hard look.

Speaking of things that are long and hard*, is it Thursday yet?


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