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On Rivers And Four-Game Sets

April 29, 2011

I already liked Javier Lopez; a 0.68 WHIP over 27 games that lead to a playoff berth and ultimately a World Series win will do that. But I like him even more after reading this snippet, buried near the end of Andrew Baggarly’s notes from yesterday:

Left-hander Javier Lopez uses a mantra on the mound: ‘The relentless flow of the positive river.’

I love that. I want it on a T-shirt or a coffee mug or something. I wish Lopez was in a jam band, so that could be the title of his debut album.

Don't pretend you wouldn't buy it.

In other news: four-game set in Washington starting today. I hate four-game sets — that last game is always like the final day of a visit with an acquaintance who called you up out of nowhere and asked if he could crash on your couch for a week and you said “yeah, sure dude,” then realized you didn’t know him that well and now you just want him to stop eating all your frozen waffles and leaving his dirty socks on the floor and get out already.

On the other hand, Timmy’s on the bump and it’s Friday, so I’ll just flow with the river…

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