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Bad Wins, Worse Losses

May 5, 2011

I know exactly how you feel, Freddy.

The phrase “it’s all about wins and losses” has never rung true to me. Sure, in the end, your record determines whether you make the playoffs. But over the course of a 162-game season there are encouraging losses and discouraging wins.

Even after a frustrating defeat, going 5-5 on a ten-game road trip (even against mediocre to bad teams) should feel OK. Not great, but OK; sort of like a lukewarm bath or a half-hearted shoulder massage from an acquaintance. Instead, I feel like crap. The Giants look like crap. The offense and lineup as currently constructed conjure the Dark Times, the Jose Castillo Times. I know things will get better; I know Pablo and Torres will come back, some combination of Huff/Posey/Ross/Freddy Sanchez will get hot, and our sparkly pitching will keep on sparkling.

But right now, bleh. Just bleh.

Bring on the Rockies?

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