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Belt’s Role

May 27, 2011

It's a lot harder to do this from the bench.

For the second straight game since being called up, Belt isn’t in the lineup. I’m not jumping to any conclusions — there’s been no official word on the long-term plan.

But as long as Belt is here, he should be playing. Period. Especially with the way he was mashing in Fresno, this team needs him. Start him every day and let him get comfortable and make adjustments, secure in the knowledge that his first 0-4 won’t send him to the bench with Krazy Glue on his ass.

Where do you put him? Wherever. I’d rather not see Huff benched, because there’s basically no scenario where the post-Posey Giants can be decent offensively without Huff contributing. So probably it’s Nate and Burrell (and Rowand) who lose playing time. Sorry guys; you’re known commodities (that commodity being “role player”). Belt is an X-factor. He may never translate his MiLB success, but it’s time to find out.

You’re in a hitters’ park. You’re in desperate need of an emotional lift. Throw the kid out there. Maybe lightening will strike twice.

UPDATE: Further proof the Giants’ brass does not rely on this blog for decision-making purposes, via Andrew Baggarly:

The organization didn’t want to recall Belt until they had a place for him to play every day, but Bochy acknowledged the injuries — not just to Posey, but Pablo Sandoval, Mike Fontenot, etc. — changed the calculus. Belt will get occasional starts in the outfield and first base, but he’ll be used most often off the bench, in double switches, etc.

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