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Four Reasons The Season Isn’t Over

June 13, 2011

It’s been a rough start. Some shit has gone down. Not-nice words have been uttered. Sorrows have been drowned in bathtubs of moonshine. But the season isn’t over; the last 96 games won’t be merely a long, slow march to mediocrity. Well, OK, they might be — but they also might not. Here’s why:

1. Pablo’s coming back. Even if he doesn’t start hitting right away, Sandoval’s return does two things: it gives the team a much-needed morale boost, and it takes pressure off of other guys. It won’t turn Aubrey Huff into Joey Votto or make Nate Schierholtz grow a 2004 Barry Bonds out of his forehead, but it’ll restore a semblance of sanity to the lineup. And if/when Sandoval does start hitting, well, that’ll facilitate the scoring of runs. Remember those?

2. The schedule gets easier. Even after completing a 10-game homestand, the Giants have still played more games on the road than at AT&T. Thus the majority of their remaining games (50) will be on the shores of McCovey Cove — and there are serious hay-making stretches mixed in. Consider August 23-31, when the Giants play nine games in San Francisco against the Padres, Astros and Cubs. (Don’t worry, you’ll still have opportunities to rip your hair out in bloody clumps, like on September 15, when a 10-game roadie kicks off at — where else? — Coors Field.)

3. The offense was never that good. Look, I’ve spent the last three weeks clutching a Buster Posey poster, staining the sheets of my canopy bed with tears while listening to “How Do I Live” (the LeAnn Rimes version) on repeat. And the Sanchez injury was lemon-covered salt dipped in lye poured over the open wound on my heart. But. This offense was flawed from the beginning. Even if everyone had stayed healthy, there’s a good chance we still would have been puking rage as Mike Leake channeled the ghost of Satchell Paige and Miguel Tejada grounded out from the on-deck circle. And remember: last year the Giants rebuilt their lineup out of spare Cody Rosses and chewing gum, and that worked out sort of well. So, Bill Hall, do your thing (and by “thing,” I mean the thing you did in 2006, not the thing you did when you got released by the worst team in the league).

4. Not sure if you noticed, but our pitchers are kind of amazing. Yeah, Timmy’s doing his annual mortal-man impression and Sanchez still apparently believes there’s a magic Coinstar machine where he can trade walks for an iTunes gift card. But our fifth starter — who went to Japan and unlocked the secrets of actionless action and how to throw a baseball really well — has a better ERA+ than Roy Halladay and Cliff Lee. And our bullpen…man. When Lopez and Romo are used correctly — as they were in yesterday’s win — and Wilson is right — which he appears to be — we’re entering 7-inning-game territory. Yes, you’ve got to score to win. But reducing the other team’s lineup to rubble — while making sure the last thing they see is a big black Brillo-pad beard — is pretty sweet.

So, Giants:

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