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Rowand Versus Torres

July 2, 2011

Contrary to popular belief — and about half the posts on this blog — I don’t hate Aaron Rowand. I also don’t think he should be the starting center fielder or leadoff hitter for the Giants. Thankfully, those things weren’t happening — until, that is, Andres Torres lost whatever magic beans he was putting in his chimichangas and began looking frighteningly like a career minor leaguer who had one amazingly anomalous season.

So now it’s back to Row. Not surprising, but still insanely, skull-numbingly frustrating.

Here are two slash lines:



The first is Aaron Rowand in 2011; the second is Damon Minor in 2002, in roughly the same number of at-bats. Remember Damon Minor? Want him hitting leadoff for a World Series-defending team? Me neither. But right now that .333 OBP looks positively Bondsian. 

In other news: Apologies in advance to my loyal readers (all two of you), but I won’t be updating this blog as often as I’d like for the next few weeks. My life is currently in transit, temporarily diminishing the time I can spend looking up Damon Minor’s 2002 statistics. Hopefully the world will survive until I’m settled. 


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  1. Travis Keenan Tiffin permalink
    July 3, 2011 1:48 am


    Things have been NUTTY over here too, but a little bird told me that you might eventually be up for hitting AT&T Park with me before the season is out. If that ends up being true, you better EFFIN write me, cuz I’ll StubHub the SH*T out of some gnarly seats and get our butts down there, yeah???? Keep up the writing, I’m still diggin’ it. And seriously, 15-2…with friggin’ Zito on the mound…there’s just no predicting what this team will or can do. LOVIN’ IT!

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