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Opening Day Pregame Menu: Happiness With A Side Of Crow

April 6, 2012

Oh, sure, opening day rosters aren’t predictive. This was the Giants 2010 opening day lineup, not quite the same group that jumped around in Arlington six months later. Still, it’s hard not to be happy — nay, joyous — about the 25 dudes who will be lounging poolside at Chase Field in a few hours. Hector Sanchez over Whiteside/Stewart. Brandon Belt at first rather than in Fresno. It ain’t perfect — far from it — but with the available parts I’d say the Giants assembled the least offensive offensive machine they could.

Yeah, there’s stuff to quibble with, like evil whispers of a Belt/Brett Pill platoon. But mostly: yay. And, as someone who spent the spring fretting and preemptively chiding Bochy/Sabean for their veteranophilia, let me be the first to tip my cap and belly up to the crow bar.

Don't do a Google image search for "eating crow." Trust me.

I know the season technically started like four weeks ago in Japan, but as far as I’m concerned today is the day baseball games matter again. Sunshine, cut grass, Cracker Jack, the whole bit. Hum, baby!

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  1. Tito permalink
    April 6, 2012 7:58 am

    Thought for a second “damn MCCovey chronicles got a NICE new writer”. Then I realized I was on theymostdecidedlyaregiants. I’m pumped!

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