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Managing To Manage Too Much

April 21, 2012

Much like a minimalist painting, mayonnaise and back hair, when it comes to managing a baseball team, less is often more. Oh sure, sometimes it works out. Sometimes you burn your de facto closer and still manage to squeak out a win. Other times, you burn a perfectly good pinch hitter and Aubrey Huff plays second base.

Point being: don’t play Aubrey Huff at second base. Maybe don’t play him at all. I dunno. I don’t get paid for this shit.


Dear Scott Hairston,

That slide attempt to destroy Buster Posey’s ankle may have been technically legal, but you came awfully close to being this blog’s least favorite Scott, which is a hard thing to do.

Also, also…

Dear Tim Lincecum,

Please hit Scott Hairston in the head with a 112-mph fastball.

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