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Giants Lose Again And…Oh, Hell, Let’s Talk About Barry Bonds And Manny Ramirez

May 17, 2012

This Giants offense is hard to stomach right now. A blur of Crawfords and Culbersons and Burri reminding us why “playing the kids” ain’t all peaches and handjobs. Another solid effort by a starter wasted; another hopeless night at the plate. It’s like watching the same episode of According To Jim over and over with your eyeballs pried open, Clockwork Orange-style. Only worse.

So I’m going to ignore all that and write about something else. Denial ain’t just a defense mechanism postulated by Sigmund Freud.

Manny Ramirez is coming back from PED purgatory on May 30 (which also happens to be his 40th birthday) to see if he can do anything for the A’s besides a bad Alan Iverson impression. This, naturally, got me thinking about another disgraced slugger we once wore our larynges out cheering for.

Barry Bonds is 48. Could he still hit big league pitching well enough to warrant a league-minimum DH deal? It’s debatable. But Bonds hasn’t played since 2007. A lot of very, very mediocre hitters were paid to DH for Major League teams over the past four seasons.

Of course, they didn’t all have federal investigations hanging over their heads. But I don’t think that’s the reason Bonds was blacklisted. I think it was his reputation as a clubhouse cancer and prima donna — which brings us back to Manny.

Manny and Bonds had similar reps, and even did some similarly disreputable things (Bonds got into a physical altercation with a teammate; so did Manny). Yet Manny did at least one thing Bonds never did: test positive for steroids. That’s not to say Barry was clean. But why does the guy who got suspended for 50 games get to attempt a comeback while Bonds has to fight for his legal right to own a baseball bat?

Do I want to see Barry get 250 at-bats for the Rays? Not especially. Do I think he could outhit Luke Scott, even today? Quite possibly.

Mostly, as I’ve said before, thinking about Bonds makes me sad. Not as sad as thinking about the current state of the Giants offense, though, which is…sad.

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  1. ernie sandwich permalink
    May 17, 2012 8:31 am

    dfa slobean and blowchy. braing back the hum baby.

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