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No Offense, Offense

May 25, 2012

When the Giants drop a 14-spot in Miami, Eli Manning is usually involved. So it’s easy to be giddy. It’s easy to look at the .354 OBP the team has posted over the last week, to oogle the slash lines of our 3-4 guys (.362/.409/.519 and .306/.373/.486, respectively), to remember our best hitter is on the DL and to believe it’ll all be patient at-bats and clutch hits from here to October.

Naturally it won’t. Just as the baseball gods deemed our runners would build summer cottages and join local Bridge clubs while waiting in scoring position for the season’s first month-plus, now they’ve seen fit to let a few of those runners score. There were dinks and doinks yesterday (*cough*Belt*cough*) that wouldn’t have fallen in April. Them’s the breaks.

Really, though, once Pablo comes back, it’s possible to imagine this as a league-average offense. That’s all we need. That’s all we’ve needed for years. The one time we got it, good things happened. Watching this team score 14 runs is sort of like eating an entire pan of MDMA browines. Doesn’t induce rationality. But man is it fun.

Pictured: good things.

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