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July 5, 2012

Seeing Davey Johnson in an old-timey Senators uniform was somehow the highlight of this series.

If the first two games were a shit sandwich, that was the cyanide pickle. Did you ever, even for a moment, feel confident? Or, to put it another way, has a four-run lead in the seventh behind Matt Cain ever felt like a tie game with the bases juiced at Coors behind a drunk Brett Tomko?

It’d be easy to slam Belt for whiffing Crawford’s one-hopper, but you know if it’d gone to extras the Giants would have found an even more infuriating, nauseating, sweaty way to lose.

I’d like to stop writing now and go open another bottle, but first I guess we have to talk about Santiago Casilla. I’ve been agnostic on the closer vs. closer-by-committee debate, and I still am. I see virtue and folly in both arguments. But I don’t think anybody — maybe including Santiago Casilla — wants to see Santiago Casilla trotting out of the bullpen the next time there’s a slim ninth-inning lead to protect. He’s done a fine job, recent puke-in-the-mouth hiccups aside, and probably he’d iron it out eventually. But this bullpen is too good and too deep not to tinker. Hell, give Penny a shot.

Mostly, though, let’s leave D.C. and never speak of any of this again.


In other depressing news: So Freddy Sanchez is having back surgery and is out for the season. I gave up on the idea of him coming back long ago, so this is sort of like hearing Steve Guttenberg isn’t going to make any more movies. Still, though, we’ll always have 2010. And for that, Freddy, we thank you.


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  1. ernie sandwich permalink
    July 5, 2012 6:50 pm


  2. bainer permalink
    July 6, 2012 6:16 pm

    RIP Freddy Sanchez

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