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The Most Delicious Turd Sandwich

September 9, 2012

That’s how you win a series — a disheartening loss sandwiched between two incredibly satisfying wins. Even the loss felt like a win until a little craziness at the end. Made it hurt worse in the moment, but in hindsight this series, every game, gave me as much Giants-related confidence as I’ve had in a long, long time. Remember, it’s been nearly a decade since we could talk hopefully about a magic number in early September.

There’s a lot of baseball left. Technically the Giants haven’t even guaranteed a winning record, let alone a playoff berth. There be Padres lurking in the shadows. But c’mon. There’s a difference between healthy, jinx-avoiding pessimism and pathological glumness (ask a Cubs fan; or, on second thought, don’t). The Giants are 5 1/2 games up with 22 to play. All they have to do is play 1 1/2 games worse than the Dodgers for the next 19 games — during which the Dodgers have a much thornier schedule — and the final series in LA won’t mean a damn thing, except a chance to do some gloat resting. Feels. Good.


A few desultory notes…

  • It’s easy to complain about Bruce Bochy, and he’s got his tics, but I kind of think Don Mattingly is insane. Either that or he has a sexual disorder where he can only climax after issuing an intentional walk.
  • Most ridiculously overpaid athletes flame out, like a sports car going full speed into a concrete pylon. Barry Zito is more like a slightly unreliable station wagon that burns a lot of oil but you keep driving it because what the hell, it seats five. Tonight we got where we were going, slowly, reliably. Zitoly.
  • I’ve never been a believer in chemistry. Talented teams win, untalented teams lose. Right now, though, the Dodgers look like exactly what they are: a collection of dudes who until recently were playing for different clubs in different cities, and who know the only thing they have in common is that some crazy-ass billionaires decided to collect them like pet rocks and put them in the same locker room. I still hate the idea of a Kemp-Ethier-Gonzales core going forward. Right now, not so much.
  • Buster Posey is officially the NL MVP frontrunner. I’m not saying that because I’m insanely biased and keep a Posey jersey under my pillow and please Buster return my calls. Well, OK, I am. But it’s also true.

His halo is the Giants logo. Of course it is.

  • I love that the answer to the question, “One Giants pitcher will lose a game this series; will it be Tim Lincecum or Barry Zito?” was, “Matt Cain.” Not because Cain deserved to lose — he may have had the best start of the three — but because it’s so totally 2012 Giants. Expect the unexpected, but be careful because as soon as you do, the expected will happen just to fuck with you. That was the runner-up to Together We’re Giant at the slogan pitch meeting.
  • Beat LA
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