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In Appreciation Of Brandon Crawford

October 20, 2012

The Giants don’t exactly have a sterling track record when it comes to trusting young players. Maybe you’ve noticed. Yet, for whatever reason, they handed the keys to Brandon Crawford — a guy with fewer than 500 ABs above A-ball coming into Scottsdale — and never wavered, not even when his defense, the reason we were supposed to ignore his sub-par hitting, faltered. It was rather amazing, in a bizarro sort of way.

Now, of course, it’s all coming up roses. Or maybe I should say “coming up Brandons,” since I’m pretty sure they smell even sweeter.

Go ahead, smell him. You know you want to.

The D has been slick as Crisco on a shower curtain and, while he ain’t Robin Yount, the timely knocks have been nice. His bases loaded single last night was probably the biggest non-Zito moment; if the Giants only plate one run that inning instead of four, all sorts of things could’ve gone screwy.

For most of the season Giants fans (this one included) were obsessing over a different Brandon. Belt still may wind up helping the franchise more down the road. Right now, though, it’s tough to find a more likable, quietly valuable Giant than Crawford. Hard to believe, but there you go.

Maybe it’s the universe paying us back, maybe it’s just one of those things. Either way, I’ll take it.

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