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Ryan. Vogelsong.

October 21, 2012

Baseball is unpredictable. Crazy, unexpected things happen to every team, every year. So the old “If I could get in a time machine and tell the me from five years ago about this!” trope is disingenuous. Probably the me from five years ago would just shrug and go back to wishing he could afford an iPhone 2G.

But seriously, Barry Zito and Ryan Vogelsong tossing back-to-back gems? In elimination games? In the NLCS? To force a game seven? Even the most jaded former me would be slightly agog. That’s not merely unpredictable — that’s a crazy sandwich with a ka-whaaa? pickle.

It happened, though. I watched — every corner-shaving dart — and it was fucking beautiful. When he’s on, Vogelsong is my favorite Giants pitcher. Considering his competition includes this guy, that’s saying something. Tonight he was dominant, rose to the occasion and a million other McCarver-mangled cliches. For the second consecutive game a scary Cardinals lineup was reduced to a succession of hapless hackers. (Minus Matt “Maybe I Do Believe In Karma After All” Holliday.)

You’ve heard the rags-to-Tommy John-to-Japan-to-riches story. You’re aware Vogelsong was a hot Giants pitching prospect once upon a time. You know these things, but do you really understand them? Have you fully absorbed the utter absurdity of this man’s career arc? The fact that he’s here, right before our eyes, becoming a part of franchise lore?

Baseball is unpredictable. Ryan Vogelsong is proof that the universe is a chaotic, perfect place. Tomorrow is game seven of the NLCS.


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  1. October 21, 2012 7:21 pm

    FREAKING amazing game tonight. Spent it at Lisa’s parents home, iPad broadcasting OUR guys, not the Fox hacks, over some speakers, everyone jammed into every corner of the living room. With every incremental step toward victory, it was high fives all the way around, cheering, screaming, etc. You get the picture…it was like you said, a perfect place to be.

    At this point, I’m hooked into narratives like Vogey’s story, and like Scutaro’s story…and just want ONE more game, so they can play in the Series. Honestly, I feel like I’m going to be 100% worthless until the NLCS is over…and then if we move on…forgeddaboutit until the fat lady sings. GO GIANTS!

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