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Ugh…The DH

October 26, 2012

Tomorrow we’ll find out who’s DHing game three for the Giants. It’ll be like Christmas morning, especially if your Chirstmas mornings involved opening a big shiny box and finding an over-the-hill Aubrey Huff inside.

Look, I hate the DH. It’s a stupid, stupid rule and it pretty much ruins American League baseball. It diminishes the game strategically, logically and aesthetically, and the best only argument for it is that it prolongs the careers of one-dimensional sluggers like Jim Thome.

Juat think…we would’ve been deprived of this.

But we’re stuck with it. And if the alternative is not being in the World Series, well, let the DHing begin!

Problem is, the Giants don’t have any great — or even wholly palatable — options. Hector Sanchez is kinda needed as a backup Posey, and he’s not nearly the hitter the Giants seem to think he is. Arias (who’d likely play third with Pablo as the DH) has trouble against breaking-ball-slinging righties, and that’s what the Tigers are gonna throw at him. Ryan Theriot is…well, Ryan Theriot.

That leaves Huff and Xavier Nady. A case can be made for both; not a particularly inspiring case — more like a public defender halfheartedly trying to get some guy off on a DUI charge — but a case. Nady showed signs of a pulse with the Giants after looking DOA in D.C. Still, he’s clearly a shell of his former self, and even his former self was sort of a hermit crab (because hermit crabs don’t have shells, see, and, uh…never mind).

The point is, Huff. I’m pulling for him. You’re pulling for him. Some have drawn the Renteria comparison, and I get it, but a Huff Moment would be way sweeter. Where Renteria had always been an injury-riddled disappointment before his improbable postseason renaissance, Huff was, quite recently, the cornerstone of the offense. And before there was Pence’s Rally Throng, there was Aubrey’s Rally Thong.

Never forget.

So my money’s on Huff. My heart’s on Huff. I’ll forget for the moment that he runs like a manatee in partially dried cement, or that he slugged a cool .282 this year. I’m gonna close my eyes, remember 2010 and hope for a little more ridiculous, improbable magic.

Oh, and hate the DH. There’s always that.

UPDATE: Welp, guess it’s Sanchez. Nothing to get apoplectic about; he had some key hits this season even if his second-half OBP against righties was a Rowandian .295. And if he has to replace Posey at some point, the Giants lose the DH and a pitcher hits. As Tyler pointed out in the comments, that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

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  1. Tyler permalink
    October 27, 2012 1:53 am

    I think you are underestimating Theriot- he has had some key hits this post season. Additionally, he looks like Zito, opposing pitchers might get confused and ease up on him. Actually, why don’t the Gianta just use their pitchers? They have more RBIs than huff and nady combined this postseason…

  2. ernie sandwich permalink
    October 27, 2012 5:22 am

    this is where management screwed the pooch. giving the lumber to super puff as a dh to reward him for two years ago. the pos is a out of shape pos that took 22 million from the club the last two years. his reward should have been doa. f- super puff.

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