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Sergio Romo: Slider Thrower, Funny Dude

February 11, 2013


Tomorrow a bunch of men will unload their jock straps and stretch their hamstrings in Arizona and this will, for some reason, be exciting to millions of people. Baseball is weird.

Also, Sergio Romo is funny. Evidence, courtesy of Giants Extra:

Romo on watching film of past matchups with hitters: “I got him on my slider, I got him on my slider, I got him on my slider. Looks like I’m throwing sliders. Surprise! When it comes to film, I’d rather watch cartoons or something.”

Hey, but wasn’t it a fastball that got Cabrera to clinch it? Yep. Here’s Romo on that:

“I think I’m the only one in the world who wanted to throw a fastball there. He kind of called me out in Game 1 of the World Series and told them he’s ready for my slider. I’m like, I never faced you before — how do you know? I threw five straight sliders and tried to make them my best sliders of the whole season. He hadn’t really seen anything else I had to offer and he knows how to adjust. It was a gut feeling. People say it was ballsy, I just think it was smart.”

Closers are fragile, mercurial animals. And, in all likelihood, Romo’s only gonna get 60-70 percent of the save opportunities. Man, though. To lose a team leader/marketing icon and replace him with this guy? I don’t wanna say the Giants are blessed…but the Giants are blessed.

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