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The Legend Of Brock Bond

March 4, 2013


I’m not a prospect guy. It’s not that I don’t appreciate the value of drafting and developing players, it’s just that I’m lazy and can keep tabs on only so many jocks I’ll never meet before my wife starts looking for an attorney. But I remember making note of Brock Bond back in 2007 when the Giants drafted him. Because, you know, Bond sounds an awful lot like…Rajai Davis. Or some Giants outfielder. Jeez, my memory’s shot.

Anyway, when I read this, courtesy of Giants Extra, I wasn’t wholly surprised…

Brock Bond is in line for plenty of time while Marco Scutaro is gone, and he continues to take advantage. Bond had two more hits today to improve to 6 for 12 this spring, and he also had a pretty slick day on defense. Bond took a poor feed from Kensuke Tanaka and made a twisting throw for a double play. Later, he threw Dewayne Wise out at second when the speedy outfielder tried to take an extra bag…

…even though I guess I should be because of this, courtesy of CSN’s Andrew Baggarly

When the Giants took [Bond] in the 24th round of the 2007 draft it was a mistake. A clerical error. The Giants meant to take Casey Bond, a gliding, 6-foot-3 center fielder out of Lipscomb University in Tennessee. They mistakenly took a high-achieving, 5-foot-11 infielder from the University of Missouri. When they realized what happened, they grabbed Casey Bond with their next pick.

Note: Casey’s not the dude who’s putting up inspiring spring stats. Which is sort of like winning the sack race at the company picnic — cool, but not indicative of future success. Still…Brock Bond. Has a certain ring to it, even before you do the cheap James Bond thing.

I’m not ready to nominate Brock for the Andres Torres Memorial Guy Who Leapfrogs Out Of Obscurity To Lead The Giants To A Title award, but you heard it here first fiftieth: Brock Bond might possibly maybe who knows be the answer to our prayers/need for another backup middle infielder.

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