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2013 Roster Preview Part Six: Hanging Chad Gaudin

March 27, 2013

Sorry, I let Chris Berman write that headline. He’s been sleeping on my couch for the last month eating Pringles and mumbling “Back, back, back, back, back…” I figured it was the least I could do.

Anyway, to the point. Do a Google image search for “Chad Gaudin,” and these are the top two results:


The first is a beard wearing a relief pitcher. The second, apparently, is (or was) Gaudin’s girlfriend. So if you were worried there wasn’t going to be anything interesting about the last guy in the Giants’ bullpen, fear not.

Now that Guadin has officially donned the Clay Hensley/Guillermo Mota/um, sorry, can’t remember who it was before that but maybe Dave Burba mantle, the 2013 ‘pen is complete. And it looks pretty, pretty good. Maybe even Chad-Gaudin-girlfriend’s-rack good.

Romo as closer for a full season remains an unknown. There are questions about durability. But the committee is ready and waiting if needed. Lopez/Affeldt/Casilla makes a dandy setup trifecta, and Kontos/Mijares after that looks swell, with Runzlers and Hembrees waiting in the wings. Plus: Gaudin!

Look, bullpens are fickle, fragile creatures. But this ‘pen has been a strength for a while now, and has enjoyed remarkably little turnover in recent years. I’ll miss Brian Wilson, natch, assuming he doesn’t come crawling back with a healed elbow and a dozen roses behind his back — though, as a beard-related consolation prize: Gaudin!

In conclusion: Gaudin!


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