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Brevity Is The Soul Of Grit

April 22, 2013

The title of this Hank Schulman article, “D’backs, Giants: Who has true grit?” is the first clue. He’s baiting us. Daring us. He wants the bloggers and stat heads to salivate and gnash their teeth. That’s the point. So…

/salivate salivate, gnash gnash

From the opening ‘graph:

Now that their three-game sweep of the Padres is finished, with Barry Zito pitching seven more inspired innings and Buster Posey hitting his first home run of the year in Sunday’s 5-0 win, the Giants are ready for the Grit Bowl.

Funny story: I ordered a Grit Bowl once at Taco Bell. OK, it’s not so much a “funny” story as a “me puking into my roommate’s pillow case at 4am” story, but, um…what were we talking about? Oh, right:

On Monday night, they open a three-game series against the Diamondbacks, who spent the winter trying to become “grittier” by populating their team with more “grinders,” like manager Kirk Gibson was when he played… The D’backs traded Justin Upton, arguably their best player, for Martin Prado, who supposedly fits the Gibson mold. They signed Cody Ross for the same reason and dumped a problem-child pitcher (Trevor Bauer) because he was not a Gibby type of guy, potential be damned.

Given a choice between Trevor Bauer and this dirty baseball, Kirk Gibson will have to get back to you.

Given a choice between Trevor Bauer and this dirty baseball, Kirk Gibson will have to get back to you.


Justin Upton may not have a speck of grit or grind in his body. He does have 9 home runs on April 22. I think that’s good, but what do I know? I haven’t played baseball since the Clinton administration. Let’s ask someone who gets it:

Matt Cain, who seeks his first win of the year Tuesday night against Arizona, said “grit” does not necessarily equal wins.

So in the formula where grit equals “a Gibby type of guy” and grit equals “wins,” can we all agree please stop writing articles like this right now for the love of all that is gritty.

Even Schulman seems to understand the futility of his exercise. At the end, rather than shoehorning in a John Wayne quote or David Eckstein reference, he just starts talking about Posey’s home run. Which was cool, in the least grindy sense of the word.

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