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An Excuse To Put Melky Cabrera And The Word ‘Pill’ In The Same Headline

May 13, 2013

Couple things before the Giants kick off a series in Toronto, which will never sound right:

– Melky Cabrera is currently hitting .261/.298/.338 with 1 home run. It’s early, natch, but I look at those numbers, think back to the All-Star break last year when grown men were dressing up as antiquated dairy deliverypeople and all the talk was about a big extension, and I heave a deep, relieved sigh. It’s too bad any part of the 2012 season involved a juicing left-fielder, but how awful would it be if that same juicing left-fielder was still on the team, causing a massive distraction and casting a pall over all his and the Giants’ accomplishments?

Hard to imagine.

Hard to imagine.

– The Giants recalled Brett Pill today and sent down Francisco Peguero. The 25th spot is supposed to be a carousel of middling talent, and Pill is hitting the cover off in Fresno. But you know what’s coming: Belt sitting against the dreaded Tough Lefties, and Pill starting in his place. If Pill gets hot and Belt falters, we could see hashtags. I don’t want that; you don’t want that. A right-handed power bat on the bench, OTOH, is a good thing. So…huh.

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  1. sid sandwich permalink
    May 13, 2013 3:58 pm

    I miss the milkmaids!!!

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