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Suddenly, Giants Pitching Is Amazing And Replacement Hitters Are Great And Everything Is Great

June 14, 2013

Also, Chad Gaudin is starting tomorrow and this fills me with confidence.


Confounding. If I had to pick one word to describe the season thus far, that’d be it. If I had to pick more words they wouldn’t be suitable for a family blog so I’ll leave it there.

But. But, but, but…18 innings, zero runs allowed, 16 runs scored. Two excellent wins against two good teams. And that’s without Pagan, Scutaro and Sandoval, the ostensible 1-2-3 guys. Cain was Cainish. Bumgarner blew snot rockets and flummoxed Braves. Posey was Posey. Blanco was a guy who can hit 400-foot-plus leadoff home runs. Joaquin Arias did his Mike Benjamin impression. Tony Abreu and Sandy Rosario compelled me to type their names.

Say, this good pitching-plus-good-hitting thing is pretty fun. Carry on, gents.

Look at his rabbit teeth. Loooooook at them...

Look at his rabbit teeth. Loooooook at them…


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  1. sid sandwich permalink
    June 14, 2013 7:54 pm

    f- torres. he cannot field and cannot hit right-handed. should not be starting and maybe should not ever be put in the field..

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