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Giants Come From Ahead, Lose To Braves, Dang

June 15, 2013


Of the Giants’ first 18 wins this season, 11 were come-from-behinders. One featured a walkoff home run against the Dodgers by Guillermo Quiroz. So we were probably due for a little late-inning chicanery.

Still, though. Fleh. Did it have to be against the stupid Braves and their stupid tomahawks? Did it have to be Romo melting down? Did it have to be an error and a thisclose ball four to walk in the tying run? Did it have to waste all sorts of timely hits and excellent defense and Buster Posey?

Yes, apparently. Yes it did.


Welp, Chad Gaudin ain’t invincible. It was fun while it lasted though, wasn’t it? Call it the Vogelsong Effect — an irrational-yet-unshakable belief that a guy can, nay will, go from middling journeyman to All-Star with a wave of Dave Righetti’s magic wand.

It wasn’t a terrible start. In fact, by middle-reliver-filling-in standards it was wholly palatable. Kept ’em in the game, ate some innings, etc. But we expect more. Much, much more. We’re Giants fans. We’re still drunk on World Series champagne.

Sue us.


So now it comes down to tomorrow. Win and the series, and indeed the road trip, will be salvaged. Lose and, well, fleh.

So let’s see: Timmy, on national TV, against a lineup that punishes mistakes…what could go wrong?

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  1. June 15, 2013 8:43 pm

    It wasn’t Gaudin’s fault, it was frickin’ Bochy’s, AGAIN!!! How come my girlfriend and I can see as plain as day when a pitcher’s run out of gas? How come we can tell that Bochy should have another arm warmed up about an hour before he apparently does? This loss was because of Bochy’s goddamn policy of waiting too effing long to bring in another arm, and yes that 9th inning error, and because of a bunch of CRAP calls by the umpires…ALL the damn day long. F*CK Atlanta, with Scutaro’s sore pinkie, or a broken bat, or whatever we can find, but f*ck’em all the same.

  2. sid sandwich permalink
    June 16, 2013 5:39 am

    f blowchy the mellonhead of all time.

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