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In Praise Of Juan Perez And Other Stuff

June 18, 2013


Juan Perez, Wikipedia informs us, may refer to…

  • Juan Perez (friar) (died before 1513), Spanish Franciscan and companion of Christopher Columbus
  • Juan Perez (politician), American municipal politician and lawyer
  • Juan Pérez ‘Kichi’ (born 1985), Mexican football player
  • Juan Pérez (handballer) (born 1974), Spanish Olympic handball player
  • Juan Pérez Alsina, Argentine politician
  • Juan Pérez de Gijón (fl. 1460–1500), Spanish composer of the Renaissance
  • Juan Pérez de Montalbán (1602–1638), Spanish dramatist, poet and novelist
  • Juan Pérez de la Serna (1573–1631), seventh Archbishop of Mexico
  • Juan Perez de Zurita (1516–ca. 1595), Spanish conquistador
  • Juan José Pérez Hernández (ca. 1725–1775), Spanish explorer
  • Juan Pérez (cyclist), Chilean Olympic cyclist

Tonight? Tonight it doesn’t refer to any of those nobodies. It refers to the guy who’s been playing the outfield like Mays (or at least Mays Hayes) and who just poked the go-ahead single past second in a game that would otherwise have been the most excruciating loss since the last one.

It wasn’t, though, thanks to Juan Perez (baseball player) (born November 13, 1986) Guy who just saved my Monday


Say, you know what else was neat? Brandon Belt smacking one off the top of the wall to tie the game in the 8th. Amidst the hash tags and giraffe jokes, we forget that Belt might actually be, you know, good. He picks it like vintage JT Snow, and if he could hit like vintage JT Snow he’d be, well, sorta vintage JT Snow. Which’d be swell.


Oh! Oh! And Matt Cain struck out like a billion Padres and was all Matt Cainish and stuff. Super fun…


Also, Marco Scutaro returned, mallet finger and all. Great news!


Gee…feels as if I’m forgetting something. Like some flowing-locked shortstop had some evil befall him. Nah. Can’t be. I feel too good. Let’s just let it be, and go to bed happy. Sound good?



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