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Brian Wilson, Bad Guy

September 27, 2013

I was at the game on Tuesday when Brian Wilson made his AT&T Dodgers debut. I stood, flashed my “Let Timmy Smoke” T-shirt to establish my bona fides and cheered heartily. Whatever else can be said about Wilson — and plenty can indeed be said — he was an essential part of the first championship in San Francisco Giants history. He deserved applause.

Notice I wrote “deserved.”


It takes a lot to make me defend Larry Baer. I have nothing against him, what with the two rings and all, but he’s the CEO of a professional baseball team. By definition that means he can defend himself.

Then Brian Wilson decided to waggle his beard at Baer, on live television, supposedly because he was mad about not getting his 2012 ring. The Giants say they invited Wilson to the ring ceremony and tried multiple times to set up private meetings, but were rebuffed. I’m inclined to believe them. Even if that’s not true, though, what the hell? What in the name of Mays would compel Wilson to stalk down from the bullpen while the Giants were still shaking hands and berate their chief executive in front of his family and 40,000 strangers? I’d expect those sort of shenanigans from a bad boy wrestler, not a professional baseba…

Oh. I get it. Almost got me there, Brian.

So Brian Wilson wants to be a bad boy wrestler. He’s Hollywood Hogan, reborn as the arch villain. I like it. He was, as I’ve written before, teetering on the edge of hateableness, even as a Giant. Now he’s a Dodger, and he wants to play the part. Fine, excellent. Sounds like fun.

See you next year, Iron Sheik.


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