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Tim Lincecum, Still A Giant

October 22, 2013


If Tim Lincecum had spent his career pitching for the Brewers, putting up the exact same stats, and was now a free agent, I’d want the Giants to sign him. Not to a gargantuan long-term deal, but certainly something reasonable. Say, two years and a slight pay cut from what he made the past couple of seasons ? Sounds about right.

Of course, Tim Lincecum did not spend his career pitching for the Brewers. He’s been a Giant. There have been trophies and parades. Which makes the news of his signing much, much sweeter.

Do we know what we’ll get next year? No. Probably maddening inconsistency punctuated by occasional brilliance, if I’m guessing. The Old Timmy, the Cy Timmy, ain’t coming back; he went out for smokes and kept on drivin.’ But if he can unearth the command amulet and learn to live in the low 90s, he could still be a very, very valuable pitcher. Plus: Timmy!

He’s back. He never left, actually. Me like.

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