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Barry Bonds Is Barry Bonds Is Barry Bonds

March 11, 2014


Barry Bonds is possibly the greatest living hitter of baseballs.

Barry Bonds is also possibly the most enigmatic, polarizing figure in sports, which would place him high in the running for most enigmatic and polarizing worldwide.

So what kind of coach will Barry Bonds be? Answer, as with all things Barry Bonds: who the fuck knows?

Just read this quote, addressing a question about his surly, aloof persona:

I was a different character. I needed that guy to play. That’s who I was at the time. It’s not who I am now.

So was he just pretending to be an asshole? Or was he really an asshole, but now he’s not? Or is he still? So many words, so little information. The Barry Bonds way.


I can’t dislike Bonds; I have too many memories of cheering his exploits until my throat rebelled. He was the Giants during the salad days of my fandom. I hate that he gets lumped in with the Sosas and McGwires and Giambis — the puffed-up, one-dimensional sluggers — when the Bonds I know is the guy who won a cabinet full of Gold Gloves, who routinely stole 30-plus bases, who had perhaps the most discerning eye in history. A complete, almost-perfect ballplayer before he ever touched a syringe.

Of course, his reputation is his to own, and when some stupid reporter asks a stupid PED question (because, yes, this is the moment, at spring training 2014, when the lid’s gonna finally blow off this whole BALCO story) it’s nobody’s fault but Barry’s.

There he is, in a Giants uniform. He’s going to talk to Brandon Belt and Hunter Pence and Buster Posey about hitting baseballs. There may be no man better suited to the task. There may also be no worse man.

Barry Bonds, Giants hitting instructor. Huh.


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  1. sid sandwich permalink
    March 11, 2014 10:40 am

    Bondo is god. f-the doggies!!!!

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