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2014 Roster Preview Part Four: Marco Scutaro’s Angry Back

March 13, 2014

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First, some happy Marco Scutaro tidbits…

1. Marco Scutaro is arguably the greatest mid-season acquisition in San Francisco Giants history, seeing as his arrival coincided neatly with a World Series win (Cody Ross also gets votes, and Kenny Lofton was six outs away from being in the conversation but let’s sop thinking about that right fucking now because these are happy tidbits).

2. Marco Scutaro had a very Marco Scutaro 2013 — .297/.357/.369, hits sprayed hither and yon — mallet finger be damned.

3. 226020_web_Jocks-marco-2-col-Color

Those were fun, right? Right!

OK. You knew it was coming: a few less-than-happy Marco Scutaro tidbits…

1. Marco Scutaro is 37 years old, an age when a player’s health and skills tend to erode. Especially if that player is a second baseman.

2. Marco Scutaro is a second baseman.

3. This quote:

In the offseason, I worked hard, but [my back] didn’t get any better… For me, the hardest part is hitting and rotating. When it moves, some muscles aren’t working and other muscles are working extra hard. That’s the reason they start getting mad at me.

So other than hitting and moving, he’s good.

This is spring training, a time when even the guys playing beer pong behind the bleachers are in the best shape of their lives. And 37-year-old Marco Scutaro has yet to play an inning, because his back is mad at him.

Second base is not the deepest part of the Giants’ depth chart, but this feels like a good time to peer down there. Joaquin Arias is a fine utilityman/creepy Kobe Bryant impersonator. Ehire Adrianza is a light-hitting, unproven non-second baseman. Tony Abreu is a baseball player.


A Scutaro-less or Scutaro-sparing 2014 wouldn’t necessarily doom the Giants; all teams deal with injuries. But losing your second baseman and number two hitter right out of the gate to a nagging back injury doesn’t fall under “auspicious.”

You’re feeling depressed aren’t you? Here…

All better?

All better?

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    March 13, 2014 5:33 pm

    f the doggies

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